JUKE 36" X 40" / Mixed Media

36″ X 40″ / Mixed Media


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Artist Korey Gulbrandson is a soft-spoken guy with a strong inner voice. These two contrasting attributes drive the tension and depth that make his works truly unique. In his art, his inner voice comes alive. Korey emphasizes this contrast in his work. In each piece Gulbrandson leverages elements such as negative space, line and form – smacks them together and then pulls them apart in a spectacular reveal of expression. Gulbrandson’s working philosophy mirrors his approach to life “Every work informs you,” he muses, “the good pieces and the bad pieces are both important. One does not defeat the other. You have to learn to love every bit of the process. You must love your fate.”

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, artist Korey Gulbrandson comes from a family of artists and inventors. Korey is a self-taught artist who embraces mixed media to it’s fullest with a truly unique process that transforms his hand-crafted panels into a style that has been referred to as “sculptural painting.” Through an ever-evolving process incorporating oils, acrylics, wax, gels and his torch Gulbrandson employs texture and depth to create abstract, collage-like works. His dimensional and refined works engages the viewer and encourages them to put their mind in motion. Among his influences are the work of modern abstract masters such as Antoni Tàpies and the work of painter Chuck Close.


Opening First Thursday July 02
903 NW Davis Street, Portland 6-9 PM
Artist In Attendance

On Display through August 31.